Come Together meeting Dec 10, 6-8 pm @Project Raum / Kottbusser Tor

Come Together meeting

Wednesday 10th of December 6 p.m. – 8 p.m.

It will take place in the “project room” (at the gallery across Adalbertstr. near
Kottbusser Tor - if you stand in front of “Café Kotti” the project room is at the same floor
at the right-hand side – at the other side of the street)

Refugees / supporters in solidarity / political activists
- however you identify yourself, people with different backgrounds and motivations - You are welcome

Short feedback on the last big Come Together meeting (26th of November at Mehringhof)… how to go on … what are the main topics which have to be discussed … when should be the next big come together meeting … and …

Short input before or in the break: current situation

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