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organizations which could help to realize it
created: 03 Aug 2013 16:43

The proposal is of initiatives for projects such as
  • History and archives: collecting "each refugee is unforgettable story"
  • Culture and art: of the origin of refugees
  • Media,such as radio/ tv: for/by refugees,

where these initiatives are created in a very specific copyright/left scheme, being owned not only by the creators, but also by the subjects in the creation (e.g. also by the people being shown in photo being created by the photographer) and being transferable or licensed only to associations being comcomized in their constitution, only for the time being comcomized and only as its peer owners are only refugees.

See also the ownership of the subjects in the content.

Here are some organizations to apply for it


New Content's Subject's Copyright: We are looking for authentic artists willing to share their copyrights with the subjects of their creation in a documentary project of "every refugee is an unforgettable story", specifically photographers actors producers and film makers. http://only-asylum-seekers-and-refugees-are-peer-owners.wikidot.com/main:contact

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